YAY ~ Another Pijon Box arrived.

Pijon Box is a monthly curated care package for college students.  I enjoyed last month’s box and excited to see what is in this BOX!

BUT, before we get to the box contents for March I wanted to share Pijon’s social mission.  I didn’t mention in my February review, but Pijon has an AWESOME social mission where they are partnered with Project Night Night and create care packages containing comfort and essential items to homeless and underserved kids.  I have much LOVE for organizations who give back to the community.

 Ok… on to the box!


 This month’s theme is “GET ENERGIZED.”




Items in this box included:

  • Not Your Mother – Plump for Joy Thickening Hair Lifter
  • Pan De Oro – Organic Tortilla Chips
  • Revolution Tea – Sample Pack
  • Game Day – Men’s Mint Lip Balm + 15 SPF
  • TOCCS – Panorama Earbuds
  • Energems – Mint Chocolate & Peanut Butter Chocolate

It looks like almost all the items in the box are FULL SIZE and not samples a big PLUS in my book.  The only sample would be the Revolution Tea ~ STILL that came with 3 different tea flavors!   I have read good reviews of the Not Your Mother brand so I am excited to see if the Plump for Joy meets the hype.   Pan De Oro ~ anything in chip form will be placed in my secret stash.  Pijon’s product description card suggests sharing but realistically that won’t happen!  I will share the Energems as I have gotten this in a few other monthly subscription boxes in the past ~ not so excited for those.  I am super happy to see TOCCS earbuds.  I am trying to get back into a workout routine and go to the gym.  These will come in handy for sure and hopefully motivate me to go! Last Game Day lip balm, you can’t go wrong with sending me one of these.  I am an avid user of lip balm and will slip this into another jacket pocket or my gym bag.

Overall ~ another great box and for only $16.49 through a Living Social deal mentioned in my February review.

If interested you can sign up for your own Pijon box HERE and get $10 off your purchase.


So ~ i jumped on a different deal for Co-Ed Supply that is similar to Pijon in that they curate boxes geared towards college students.  I just wanted to show a comparison in box sizes for you to see.  You can check out my review for Co-Ed Supply’s March box HERE.  Keep in mind that Pijon only comes in one size and Co-Ed offers two.  I subscribed for the largest of the two. Based on March contents for both I am leaning towards Pijon as a better value with all the full-size items.  This is my last Pijon box, but I have 2 more month’s for Co-Ed coming.